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How does EFHD work?

Horses are authentic and congruent. This means that their behavior is consistent with what they are experiencing internally; they are unable to hide what they are feeling from others and cannot pretend to be feeling something else. They live in the present and respond immediately and appropriately to what is happening in their environment at each moment in time. They are not distracted by what has happened in the past or worried about what might happen in the future. They are masters of Mindful Awareness and they model it well.

A horses’ neurology enables them to “feel into” and recognize a person’s internal state by tuning into, and resonating with, their emotions and intent. Horses will willingly connect with humans when their outward behavior reflects their internal state. If there is a discrepancy between the two, horses will be reluctant to connect because they cannot trust what they are experiencing. This happens in human interactions too, but unlike humans, horses are unable to “fake it”, or compensate for others in order to avoid embarrassing or uncomfortable social situations.

A horses' ability to respond immediately and appropriately to a person in any given moment will mirror honestly how other people experience them in a nonjudgmental and non threatening manner. This feedback helps to increases a person’s self-awareness, providing them with an opportunity to experience authentic reactions to their actions and behaviours, some of which they may be unaware of, which could be affecting their human relationships.

Individual Facilitation

Sue Brewis facilitates non-ridden experiences with horses to create learning opportunities, which help to develop self-awareness and provide people with the insight they may need to make positive changes in their lives.

Sue Brewis EFHDL provides a safe environment in which people can explore different ways of interacting with horses, helping them to discover and identify behaviours that are successful and those that are not.  EFHDL gives people the opportunity to experiment and discover for themselves how to interact with others more successfully by developing personal awareness and learning how to communicate more clearly and effectively.

Group Facilitation

A healthy herd is a hierarchical and harmonious unit consisting of individual horses with specific roles, working together as a team, using clear, congruent and effective communication.  By observing and understanding successful herd dynamics, EFHDL can facilitate team building and help to improve and develop group dynamics in addition to providing opportunities for personal development and learning.

Don’t Mess With “The Goddess” Workshops

Sue Brewis currently runs a workshop for women called “Don’t Mess With The Goddess”. This workshop is designed to help women become more aware of their own needs and to understand the importance of creating space in their lives to recognize and honor “The Goddess” within.

Please see Bob’s Blog for details on the next workshops.

Trauma and PTSD Interventions

Sue Brewis is a professionally trained and qualified Traumatologist and offers people suffering from the affects of trauma and PTSD a three-phase trauma therapy procedure.

Phase 1: Safety and Stabilisation
Trauma processing can only begin once the client has been taught how to regain a sense of personal safety and stability, even when experiencing high levels of distress. This is achieved by using various methods, including EFHDL if appropriate.

Phase 2: Trauma interventions
Trauma and PTSD interventions involve active work on traumatic memories to lessen their emotional intensity and revise how the trauma experience has affected a person’s life. Only evidence based trauma interventions are considered, and are chosen after thorough clinical assessments have been conducted.

Phase 3: Reconnection
The final phase helps the trauma survivor redefine themselves within the context of reconnecting with people, meaningful activities and other aspects of life.  They are helped to embrace a new post-traumatic life, with the knowledge that the trauma they experienced does not determine who they are. Personality that has been shaped through trauma can now be given the opportunity for new posttraumatic growth experiences.

Programmes, Workshops and Events

Continuing the quest to develop the horse-human connection, Sue Brewis Equine Facilitated Human Development also provides a relaxed and friendly venue in which to host visiting Natural Horsemanship Instructors.  These include Shelley Newton-Carter from HorseSavvy ( and Mandi Claxton who is based in East Sussex and teaches the natural horsemanship methods of Bruce Logan.

See Bob’s Blog for details of programmes, workshops and events that will be held at Little Swinton this year.

A Soldiers Story - how horses have helped an ex-serviceman find a new lease of life.

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